glameowed asked:
i've been sick this whole week! i just found where a pharmacy was today so i stocked up on medicine. i also found a cute card for you that i'm sending off in the mail tomorrow!

i’m sorry you’ve been sick! i had a cold earlier this week as well.

and :o :o :o :o !!!! i’ll keep my eyes peeled for the card! i’m excited!

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audinolol asked:
today i got to eat breakfast w/ my dad and it was rly nice bc we never rly see each other bc he works a lot and im at school so. yeah. \o/
thank you! ;o;
and i’m glad to hear it, that sounds super nice!
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Anonymous asked:
/watch?v=NkdrJWE-rqI idk if this will help any or just be a bother but this is last friday night in simlish

never think of urself as a bother friend! u aren’t! 

i luv anything in simlish tbh i luv the sims

Anonymous asked:
To make you feel better: think about Clear or Noiz going through airport security. I read a post about that and I'm still laughing.

I THINK I SAW THAT POST god blessed. clear. LITERALLY you are made of metal what did you expect to happen. go home clear

noiz intentionally keeps his piercings in so he can get pat down

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luv my followers!!!

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defrayal asked:
my name is toppy and I will win and so will you


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Anonymous asked:
hey you have a really awesome blog and youre super cool and I hope you feel better soon!!!

aww, thank you! i’m starting to feel a bit less depressed. distraction is helping. it’s just been a long week, y’know?

natstarfucker asked:
i had a dream last night where i was a little kid and i had a kid friend with me and we got in a bad situation because we were on an adventure!!! so we were running and i told him to call 911 and i guess he thought that wasn't good enough, he wanted to go to like, a step above 911, so he called NASA because we thought they must be the rulers of the planet and have more power than the police. it was just a really cute little kid dream!!!

au where nasa rules the world and literally everything is better

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plutonis asked:
Hey there! I hope you feel better soon! Try listening to "Happy". Might cheer you up. :) *hugs* / In the meantime, here's a joke for you: Why did the hero flush the toilet? Because it was his... DUTY!! [/Wreck-It Ralph joke]

THAT MADE ME LAUGH!! i love WIR so much

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iamalsohere asked:
I had a dream that I was searching for fic on Archive of Our Own and it had a new rule that it would automatically post what you were looking for/reading to facebook if you searched for anything explicit. Suffice to say, I was very glad it was only a dream.


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Anonymous asked:
ooh once i had a dream where i had to make a minster to end the world out of like glass shards and i had to like learn their language and i made a rly nice glass bird and also a giant glass monster except someone screamed and it shattered

shattering is a recurring theme in tonight’s messages it seems… or well it’s been brought up twice anyway

that’s rlly cool ur guys’ dream are a lot more interesting than mine :o

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Anonymous asked:
hope you're feeling okay! I started college(UK) this week and its super fun! i'm doing a course in games design, its really cool and i already have 2 modelling projects! i got a call off my dad too, while i was on the hour's walk home, which was nice. I hope all of the nice messages are cheering you up and that you start to feel better soon! <3

it sounds like u have a lot of fun things going on! :O i’m happy for you! 

i’d like to learn more about game design someday!

thanks for all the messages! :0 i’ve read them all but i have to get on a bus right now so i’ll reply once i get home!

avpdibuki asked:
i had a dream where i met this girl with heterochromia eyes (bright green + dark blue) and she was super sweet and loving but at the end of the dream, she kinda?? broke, like literally, as if she was made of glass and said, 'goodbye!' before vanishing

that’s eery as fuck holy shit
it seems like it’d be an interesting story though

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Anonymous asked:
hello!!! i hope you feel better soon!! i have nothing interesting going on and my week was looooong but it's the weekend so i'm SO HAPPY. Oh, but a desk I bought online just arrived so I'm excited to set it up later, and I bought some cute shoes on sale, too... It's fun to wait for things to arrive in the mail!

thank you! and yes, having things i’ve bought to come in the mail is my favorite thing! i ordered myself a lil toy (ahem) online the other day and it’s supposed to come on monday! i’m very excited!

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